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DeePsea 12.01 with full PNG editing support

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Finally got done with both DeePsea and RISEN3D editing mods for PNG support in PWADs and interchangeable floor, ceiling and wall texture support.

All the PWAD tools now also display the PNG images making it simpler to organize them. Plus in 3D editing you can see and align all the variations possible for ZDOOM and JDOOM (a few more variations are possible than ZDOOM and JDOOM so be sure you check them out in the port you intend to use).

For JDOOM what you want to do is create a PWAD with all your PNG images between TX_START and TX_END markers. Then just load that file in addition to your level(s) and all the textures will show up just as in JDOOM for both regular editing and 3D editing. Names between these marker are the first ones used and override any other lump or texture by that name. I'm sure the ZDOOM users can explain all this stuff if you have questions.

Check the appropriate "hires" options since ZDOOM and JDOOM scale textures and flats differently. And I imagine the new LEGACY with PNG support may also be different.

Be sure to follow the installation instructions for RISEN3D and RISEN3Dedit. RISEN3Dedit is a beta for the final RISEN3D since it takes time to get the different mods back insync again.


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Relica Religia said:


By the way, whatever happened to the little MIDI player you could open up from the website? I miss that.

Didn't think anybody used it:) Took up some space that I thought was better used. Probably should be put on the left side. Have to ask Mike about doing that.

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MasterOFDeath said:

Yay! .PNG support!(and it took long enough too! :P)

The stuff in DeeP didn't take me too long, but modifying RISEN3D did. I had to learn how JDOOM/RISEN3D worked first before I could make the changes required - and then fixing little bugs I discovered. Messing with this was quite a bit of fun for me.

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