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Eh, Am I not supposed to have dynamic lighting?

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Uh, yeah.

I do not seem to have dynamic lighting when I play Doom 3, and, yeah, that's all I can really say...

I have a Radeon 9200.

Is it a graphics card problem? Or Do I need to enable something?

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Go to the systems menu in the game, where you can change the quality and resolution and whatnot. Try some of the different quality settings. Or go the advanced tab in the settings menu, and see if there's an option there to enable it. I know there's one for shadows in there, but maybe not for dynamic lighting. It's also possible that your card doesn't support dynamic lighting.

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Do you mean that things like weapon fire dont emit light? I've had this happen as well. Eventually the problem would fix itself after playing for a while.

But yes, please post a screenshot.

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Before you post a screenshot, try upgrading your ati drivers and see if that solved the problem.

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