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Y-offsetting in ZDoom

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I've been noticing, as I test the levels in my megawad with ZDoom 2.0.94, that there are several doors that looked fine before, but now aren't. These doors are 64 units high and had either DOOR1 or DOOR3 on them. Normally these are 72-unit textures, but sometimes I couldn't use 72 units so I just gave the door lines a Y offset of -8. This used to work, just kinda cutting off the bottom 8 pixels (like, in the case of DOOR1, just the gray part). But now, the last 8 pixels of the door get replaced by the first 8 of the texture, repeated again for some reason.

This didn't use to happen, of course... and I've changed nothing. Has the new version of ZDoom got some problem with negative offsets? (I've noticed it has some other annoying bugs, too... I saw one monster fall down into a popup-monster's sector from the floor yesterday) If not, what causes this? Would it make any difference if I used some positive offset?

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ZDoom doesn't seem to like ofsetting textures which are of a height that isn't a power of two (i.e. 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, etc). I'm not sure how easy this problem would be to solve on the programming side of things, but at your end you could always edit the texture and make it 64 or 128 pixels high.

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