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unpeg not working in new version of deepsea?

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iamthejake2000 said:

i got deepsea 12.01 and started a map. but the lower unpeg doesn't seem to work. i uploaded the wad here:


btw, im using prboom.

that crappy little sector in the grass was a test of unpeg, not bad wad editing :)


It works. What port are you using to check this? Both RISEN3Dedit (ingame 3D editing, RISEN3D) and ZDOOM show it correctly.

To see that it's working, unpeg for example line 51. Now walk around and compare the display to line 52 or 54 (the ones on the side of the box). You'll see that the texture display is different.

Don't know if you made this, but you can reduce the number of patches in the cratwide texture by just making the GCRATEM1 a lot wider or better yet, just make it one patch. Use one of the hi-res texture packs to make this fairly easy.

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MasterOFDeath said:

Well, now you know what port he was using! :P

Hehe. Assuming nothing else that I missed, then PRBOOM doesn't work right:)

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iamthejake2000 said:

i tried zdoom and it didn't work <:(

i was talking about lines 43, 44, 45, and 46.

That's just the way it works there (including stock DOOM). Just put a Y offset of -32 and it will be what you want.

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