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Some sounds here may or may not be useful (they're microphone recordings done by me at various quality/rates), so i'll just post them anyway. Some may require mixing to get a nice fitting in Freedoom though. I've released my sounds with no license in particular, and it may be used in GPL like Freedoom ;P


This could make a nice gibbing sound once the starting *PSH* gets removed.


Just need to remove the "noise" and alter the pitch a bit and we've got a good possessed marine death sound here.

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Freedoom needs a lot more good sounds to complete its collection, so this is really good. I'm at work so I cant listen to these at the moment but I'll certainly check these out later.

Note that Freedoom is under the modified BSD license, not the GPL. See COPYING.

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I really should put together some sounds myself for this project - I really don't like the weapon sounds that are here right now (the shotgun I made isn't very good, but that was back when I was still learning sound design).

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I'm good with sound effects, what type of sound you need ? By the way I think one of them sound like an elephant, am I right ?

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tony said:

I think one of them sound like an elephant, am I right ?

Yeah, either the revenant or hell-knight (both without sprites yet).

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