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New wad ideas.

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I am thinking of making a new wad, but I am stuck for ideas and I want to know what should I make that would be something you would want to play?

I want to make a HR2 styled map with many monsters, but I want it also to be cool and playable. I just want some ideas on level design that would actually be fun.


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make a zdoom port mod with large and realistic levels, and when i say large, i mean REALLY LARGE levels, with line def's that you set to autosave, and make the levels all outdoor missions that is scripted with objectives... :D yeah that would be great. oh ! oh! and dont forget to make a battle field with some scripted mounted machine guns. so that when you grab the mounted machine gun, some zombies storm toward you so that a couple moments of the game would be like a beach invasion. if you could make all this.... well you prolly cant so ill just shut up now.

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