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Merry Xmas from me to you!

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I present to you, Massmouthmas; a Massmouth Christmas wad! Hooray!

You need massm2.wad to play this (I know massm2.wad is broken currently with ZDoom, I will be uploading a fixed version of that in a day or two) so get it here: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12090

then just run zdoom with -file massm2.wad massmas.wad (in that order) and you're good to go!

Here's some downloads (3.5mb):
http://mancubus.net/~cyb/massmas.zip (mancunet mirror)
http://mancubus.net/~cyb/massmas.txt (mancunet mirror)

I'll be uploading it to the archives in a couple days after I fix some minor stuff here and there, so consider this a DW exclusive or something.

Enjoy, and happy Xmas!

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Quick note, I uploaded a new version with a couple minor bug fixes (one platform was 8 units too low and various texture misalignments) and some graphical improvements, but it's otherwise the same, and I uploaded it to /incoming. You may resume not replying to my thread :P

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