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Doomy x-mas dammit

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Yeah a christmas pic. I dunno. I kinda wanted to do something cute this year but ended up doing a doom pic anyway. heh

Anyways this one's a quickie when it comes down to it, largely as i don't have much time on my hands (got a shitload of choirs and present wrapping to do). It's the thought that counts i guess.


Merry christmas you nutters (ps my handwritings terrible i know)

In other news i saw the incredibles yesterday. Good film.

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marry X-mas, I mean chistmas don't want to x out the birthday boy's name :)

I like the charub you should have made him holding something with an elf hat. And maybe a pinky rpping out of the chiminey;)


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Hehehe, cool pic.

The Santa-Imp crawling out of the chimney is particularly fitting, giving the D3 Imp's vent crawling tendencies ;-)

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