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Doombuilder not loading maps

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I just installed Doom collecters edition and Doom Builder. I made a map with 2 sectors, added wall textures. I saved it to The doom folder under Doom and when I loaded it it just opened a random Doom map. I put none for game wad and (my file) for custom wads and the map did not appear, any suggestions/instructions?

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Sorry I know this is an older post but,
You might try typing in a level header name like MAP01.
For instance when you start up DB and goto new map, a dialog will appear, where its asks for the GAME: and NAME:

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Yep, however I was explaining about the game type dialog in DB.
But yeah your right about the iwads heh

The GAME is really asking for the engine or sourceport type so that DB will refer to its location and iwad in its sub-configuration.

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