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From the other thread, but brought in a little more attention:

My old garg model could be useful.

Yeah, he looks like a gargoyle, but with a few modifications (add cannons to wings) he could be Freedoom's revenant. Any other ideas? (Maybe revenant pants)

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What colour would he be ? I reckon brown would make him look too much like an imp. Dunno about the wings, if he doesn't fly then aren't they a bit pointless ? (maybe transform them totally into cannons). I think he could make a great revenant, but probably not a good baron/hell-knight (doesn't seem "strong" enough).

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Yeah, that's what I meant, because of his weak and jumpy frame. He really can't fly with those small wings either so cannons are built on them.

I was thinking ivory for a color, with some blood splattered covers or so.

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