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Shader problem?

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Looks more like your brightness or gamma values are changing when you switch out of the game. This happens to me in some games because I have my color settings for 3d applications set differently from those of my desktop. The easiest answer is to just not switch out of the game, or switch out and then readjust your color settings in windows before switching back to doom3. There is one thing that confuses me though. Whar's that big square in the center of the screen? Is that some other app that's stealing focus? Is it always there when you switch into/out of doom3 or any other full screen app? If so then it could be some other crazy peoblem.

Also, have you tried simply hitting alt+enter to switch to windowed mode instead of using some other app to force minimization?

Edit: After looking at the readme for the minimizer, I noticed it mentions that the gamma can be screwed up if you dont maximize the game in the proper fashion.

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That square is the shader used on the Doom 3 logo.
It's also not a brightness settings issue. The shaders are just screwing up. Like the chaingun's hud appears as a square. As if the shaders aren't blending correctly or something.

Also, alt+enter does nothing. Just throws me back into full screen and pretends it made a change.

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Well, I havent been able to produce this problem with the minimizer, and alt+enter works fine for me. I've also never heard of this happening to anyone else. And I havent been able to find anything on it so far. I assume you've got your video drivers and directx up to date as well. You may want to try contacting the author of the minimizer to see if he's had anyone else complain about this. He may know something about it.

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