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Unscrewed with Martin Sargent Cancelled?!?!?

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Ya know, once they got rid of the Search Sperts segment and Girls gone Wired segment, I knew that this show would get canned sooner or later...

I bet that was the only reason most people watched it in the first place.

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Csonicgo said:

techtv is no more. G4 screwed it over.

Fuck g4 and fuck tech tv. They both sucked. G4 was crap the day it was thought up and Tech TV sucked ever since it was "Z Tv" or whatever it was called before it became tech tv. Hell I wouldn't mind seeing all their shows being cancelled. Good riddence to horrible rubbish. I'd say they should keep the Off Topic, Social, and Signature Art/forum talent forums though. THose are decent. IT's just the rest of the crap that should go.

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