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Joe Capricorn

Second Breed Project... Help needed!

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Before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself.

I am new here, this is my first post, but does that automatically make me a n00b?

I've been playing Doom for eleven years ever since it first came out, and I never got tired of it. I've used WadAuthor 3.0 to make a few maps here and there but I never submitted them. My mapping skills have improved, although they aren't as good as others.

I looked for help at the Zdoom.org forums, and I couldn't find any. Everyone is busy with one thing or another.

So I come here in a bit of an act of desperation in need of help for this project and really awesome idea I am working on.

For those who know ZDoom, way back aroung August a new WAD was released. This WAD contained dozens of new monsters for Doom, and could be added on with no problem at all. I had an idea the minute I loaded up monsterdemo.wad and kicked the ass of the Cyberdemon Mastermind. I thought "Wouldn't it be a really cool idea if there was a story behind these new monsters?"

Thus the idea for Second Breed was spawned.

Here is the story, you are Doom Guy, who is searching a relative's house where a gruesome murder has taken place. You discover that the murderer has performed a strange ritual on the victim. While you are investigating the scene of the crime, you find yourself surrounded by imps and demons, and you hear a loud roar of a Cyber demon coming from the nearby quarry.

And that is the breakdown of level 1.

The first few levels depict the return of all the monsters, first the ones from Doom, then the ones from Doom II. The boss monster will be on level 8, it will probably be both the cyberdemon and the spiderdemon. This'll be a mix of Doom and Doom II elements with some imagination.
Now, level 9 will be a return to the house from level one, but this time it is surrounded by a generic sea of lava. Imps surround the island, but these are different. They shoot something else...
After dispatching the imps, you will be teleported to a world that you never knew was possible.

Basically there is new hell spawn, variants of the monsters from Doom 2, and they are invading all sorts of worlds and parallel universes. Level 31 will not be a secret level, while level 32 will be. It'll go like this : 16 31 17, etc... so that level 30 is actually like a level 31. The second to last level will consist of a hell gate which will have a ton of monsters. The very last level will be a Perpendicular universe where this is all happening and in order to reverse it, the entire Perpendicular universe must be destroyed. Don't worry, it ain't that big. It's perpendicular, remember? It's massively -small- compared to ours.

So the levels 10 through 29, and 32, will be alot of realm hopping. This is where I need help.

This entire mod is also inspired by Alien Vendetta, in fact that's the base of it along with the Monster Resource Wad. I wanted this to be a sequel, but in order for it to actually be a sequel -all- of the original AV mappers must be involved... and that's hard to do and I'm lazy.

So I seek help here. This is a ZDoom 63a wad as well. What I am looking for in a map is good gameplay while using the monsters from the Monster Resource Wad. The map should be medium in size, but you can do a small map. I will probably add on to the maps if you don't mind, especially since one map will fade into another and the next map is always an unknown.
For example, level 15 is a temple style map, and at the end is a teleport exit. Instead of being an actual exit, it will teleport to a strange colorful realm which will be Level 16.
AV does this alot.

You can contact me on AIM at WwJoeCapricornwW
Yahoo IM: joecapricorn1986
or MSN IM: kewl_capricorn@hotmail.com

I look forward to having help with this.
So far one level is done, and the second level is getting closer to becoming finished.

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As a rule of thumb, never ask for help on a project if you don't have anything to show off.

If you want to be able to assemble an effective mod team, you need to make a good example of yourself, by showing that you can do at least something to make this mod idea a reality.

Don't come asking for help if you expect a bunch of awesome mappers and coders to do all the work. Start small, make a bunch of maps with whatever story you have in mind, show it off and if you get positive feedback, then you can start asking for help.

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I have the first map done and when I get the second map done I'll see about releasing the two together. It'll run with ZDoom 63a, any other versions I'm not sure of.

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