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Super Sonic Doom demos

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Super Sonic Doom: Sky Zone, Act 1 Speedrun, Hurt Me Plenty

This took me a lot of attempts to do, about nearly as much as going through Void (I really wasn't counting the number of attempts, but oh well).

Anyways, this demo shows me speeding through the first act of the Sky City Zone. A few tricky jumps were made to save alot of time and hardly needing any keys to get through (the only key I needed to get was the one for the gate before the boss of the act).

The total time came out to be 3 minutes and 27 seconds, and due to some mistakes during the boss battle, I ended up ending the act with only 4% armor and 2% health.

Now, without further ado, I present the speedrun of Sky City Zone, Act 1! Click on the link below to download:


EDIT: Oh yeah, and in case you forgot, ZDoom 2.0.94f is needed to run this demo.

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I did another demo for Super Sonic Doom, this time a speedrun through Act 2 of Sunset Forest Zone in 5 minutes and 34 seconds on Ultra Violence.

Unlike the demo for Sky City Zone act 1, I ended this level with 100% health and 100% armor. I managed to get to the boss battle some times, but for a couple of the attempts getting there, I either died by the cannon or during Envy's speech (I got smitten by a Cacodemon there).

Well anyways, here's the demo:


Oh, and you will need Zdoom 2.0.94f for this demo too.

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I did two more demos here. One is a Sky City Zone act 1 speedrun, and greatly improved from my previous one. This time it was completed in 2:51 on Ultra-Violence. It is here:


Plus, I have another demo for this level, but this time it is a pacifist speedrun, and just about every enemy (including the mid-boss) is skipped. The final time for the demo is 0:45 (I saw the final time before the next act started). Pacifist run is below:


Both of these demos require Zdoom 2.0.94f.

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0-Mephisto-0 said:

Copy-Paste this link to the address bar since freewebs is gay.

Y'know, it'd be nice if you could use a different word for that.

Nice demo, though.

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