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my first map release

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Played through a little bit until I got to the room with the yellow key and was killed by a shotgun sargeant. :) Not bad, it reminds me of the older Doom maps that were pure gameplay and were fun to play. If there is anything that could be improved, however, it's detailing and theme. Most of the rooms are too square, and there isn't very much to make it interesting. Things like creative lighting, angled walls and other wall details like holes or bumps, and set pieces like candles or tech lamps. The theme feels somewhat inconsistent, although I get the feeling this is a base/techbase what with the computers and zombies milling about, almost like it was taken over, so that's good.

As for the good stuff, it plays great, and I observed no bugs or visual errors like HOMs. Monster placement is good, on medium difficulty it provides a challange. Not too much health or ammo, and not too little of it either, but a little more health might be a good idea. Ammo conservation is probably good for survival, so the player has to strategize, which is good. Love the old school ambushes where the monsters pop out of the walls! I have to say it's a good map that could do some things better. Not necessarily a must play but good for a play through.

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