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Another Question: Vehicles?

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Remember my last thread bout doom3's water? well, we all found out some cool stuff bout doom 3 that time. Now, is it somehow possible for doom3 to have pilotable vehicles?

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thanks a bunch for that link.

wow, im starting to love this engine. Id could have used it sooo much more than they did. such a shame.

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They didn't exploit all the engine features because it wasn't necessary, or because it would downright harm the game.

The plan was to create an incredibly moody and scary atmosphere in the game with lots of close-quarters combat and claustrophobia. They achieved that.

Water wouldn't have harmed the game I guess, but then it isn't such a big deal other than providing some variation and something that looks pretty.

Drivable vehicles on the other hand, would've ruined the tense atmosphere of the game. It just would't be scary if you suddenly drove about at high speeds, running demons over and stuff, because not only would it reqire wide open areas (which aren't scary), but it would also be less scary because you're suddenly relatively safe inside a vehicle.

The only thing I'm really disappointed about in regards to how Id exploited, or didn't exploit, the Doom 3 engine is the fact that they did not exploit the GUI system better.

They developed this awesome, sleek method of interacting with stuff that made interaction seem more real as well as making it simpler, and all they seemingly did with it was to use it to activate simple functions on console monitors where they could just as well have made a simple switch.
They should have had more multi-function consoles that would let the player activate a chain of different functions (would add more replay value and give the player more freedom) instead of simple "activate machine 345" functions, more stuff you could interact with other than consoles (they had that one "Id" brick in the last map before the Cybie, but they should've had more of those and other things).

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