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New Years Resolutions

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Lord FlatHead said:

Failed both. Shit.

Oh well, youre still cute! ^_^

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Danarchy said:

Get a job.

I think that was my resolution last year which I actualy acomplished, but it didn't last too long.

lol :(

Once again, this is my new year's resolution. At least this time I have experience with getting and filling out applications, so I think I'll do it this time!

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Ultraviolet said:

Catch a sexually transmitted disease.
Get the chick next door pregnant.
Get further into debt.
Spend more time surfing porn at work.
Fail all of my classes (got all A's this last semester, so it follows).



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--Try to stop looking at sweet, sweet internet pr0n (yeah, right)
--See my at least one of my girlfriend's boobs bare (easier said than done)
--Continue building up my metal collection
--Catch up on the episodes of "Lost" and "My Name Is Earl" that I've missed
--Exercise more

I guess that's about it. Of course I've done exactly none of these things so far.

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Doing pretty well actually. Lost 20 pounds, quit smoking, all the money I used to use on alcohol and drugs is being saved up so I can go to college, stopped being half-assed at work, got my liscense reactivated, starting to pay off all my fines, learning how to program in C++, strength training regularly, taking guitar a lot more "seriously", finally got a recording studio set up in my room (albeit cheap), becoming much more social and now have a few ladies who I'm keeping an eye on for a possible serious relationship.
Now all I have to do is move out, start taking kung fu, stop masturbating 3 times a day, become a porn star, become a model photographer, and actually start writing as much as I pretend to.
And shit, I had a lot of resolutions, which I am actually doing a good job at fulfilling. What's happening to me?

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Lord FlatHead said:

I'm 20 and I can't drive. So that's one of my new year's resolutions too.

Quit smoking, too. I'm doomed to fail.

I'll be 21 in a few months and I don't drive either, but that's because I'm horribly afraid of crashing and dying. I'd probably snort cocaine before getting on the highway (and I have no interest in cocaine).

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I'm 18 and I don't drive.

I need to learn one of these days though, as you have to know how to drive where I live in order to get around. The bus system fucking sucks here.

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Shit, I thought this thread was new, then I read it.

well I finished Next Nightmare. And got a job.

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