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Edge Shell/Launcher v2.0 is out

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Just to let folks no that ESL v2.0 is out.

Edge Shell/Launcher(ESL) is a simple to use graphical front end (launcher) for use with the DOOM Source Code port EDGE(although it will also work with most(all?) other ports too. The purpose of this launcher is set the command-line options for EDGE by simply clicking what you want and then launching the game, instead of repeatedly typing commands or making multiple shortcuts.

You can get it from my site over at:

++ Made ESL more non-Edge port friendly, allowing lots more options for other ports. This is due to the new architecture which involves a separate config file for each port, which ESL will process so it can then present to the user all the options available for the port. At the moment only the config file for Edge and a generic config for the other ports are done. More will be released later.

++ New port-specific config files allow new commands to be added to a separate file without having to "update" ESL itself.

++ Significantly changed the "Advanced(Edge Only)" options tab:
- Got rid of all the checkboxes and dropdown list. Now it's a Grid.
- Made it Port neutral: now it's for all ports, not just Edge. Depending on what port is being used, the options available will vary.

++ All the files ESL uses for configuration are now in XML format. This greatly simplifies the code, and made possibly the new multi-config architecture. However, doing this has completly broken compatibility with previous ELC files. User config file(.ELC) created with previous versions of ESL WILL NOT LOAD. Sorry, but I didn't have time to code backwards compatibility.

++ New allowed file types for Add-ons are .HWA and .BEX

++ Some internal code changes to pave the way for an easy port to Dot.NET one of these days ;)

There you have it. If anyone wants to give it a try then go ahead. Bug reports will be (unhappily) accepted too ;)

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Thanx, your page took some time to load ( dns). Isn't it possible with a "no-ip" to host pages?
If utils like that were bundled with prboom,zdoom, edge etc, alot of more people would have the chance to play doom.

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My page is usually quite fast. Probably just a coincidence that it was running slow when you tried.

Anyway, thanks for the positive comments!

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Well I've just uploaded ESL v2.1

++ Finished off the GLEdge32 config file

++ Add "Skill" label to main tab to clarify what the Skills listbox is all about.

++ Add a horizontal scrollbar to the WadList, just in case there are really long names.

++ Add some new messages and translations to the RES file. Translated any stuff(Labels, form captions, menus) that was still only in English and apply changes. Rename "Options" menu to "Language"

++ Give the possibility to reset(wipe) the custom buttons. Why? no good reason but hey :)

++ Cosmetic changes on the custom buttons tab (bigger font, bold, centered Frame)

++ Allow multiselect when we're adding Add-ons.

++ Fixed bug where bex, deh and hwa files which were dragged-and-dropped into WadList were ignored.

++ Cleaned up usage of a global variable which was being used all over the place by loads of different functions and which could possibly have been the cause of a strange obscure bug I saw once or twice but could not track down again: sometimes the IWAD name would be replaced by the source port name.

++ Add a checkbox to manually override the use of quotes around filenames (This is usually specified In the PORT.XML by default). This is basically to get around a bug with Edge 1.28A, which had problems parsing names enclosed in ""

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ESL v2.11 is out.

++ When closing ESL, if options have changed, ask user if he wants to save or not.

++ When the argument type in the grid is LIST, show a combo which limits the users choice to the list.

++ Before running the source port always check that all the files and directories still exist (IWADS, PWADS, DDF dirs etc.)
If they don't then report it (msgbox).

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