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Last Man Standing 0.1 Beta Released

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Calimer of the Last Man Standing team sends word that they have released the first beta of the LMS mod. Last Man Standing is a co-op mod where the goal is to kill all the demons and be the last player standing at the end. Co-op isn't actually in this beta release, which makes it more like deathmatch with monsters I suppose, but the basic outlines of the mod are in there, including

  • Brand New Menu with new graphics, sound, etc
  • Shoulder Flashlight
  • four different difficulty levels for players of varying skill
  • Score system
  • End of game Score Display
  • "Kicking" soundtrack to every map
  • Walkspeed changed to equal runspeed
  • Pistol is 3 shot
  • Double Barrel shotgun - single shot autoreload version
  • Chaingun with 300 round belt and a lower rate of fire
  • Plasmathrower - Turned the plasmagun into a flamethrower using plasma
  • Six maps were included in this release. They feature adrenaline pumping action where the monsters come after you instead of you having to go after the monsters.

The mod is available in an installer version for Windows and a rar version for both Windows and Linux. Screenshots and demonstration videos are available on the Last Man Standing site.

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MasterOFDeath said:

This sounds good. If only I had doom3.

Heh, at first I thought this was for regular doom, not doom3, until near the end. :P

The Doom 3 category marking didn't tip you off eh?

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Didn't even notice that. You don't even know how good I feel right now :P.

Oh well, my latest creation that popped into my head while talking in #masterofdeath is keeping me entertaint. Heh, CodeImpse...

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i wonder if one of the songs they're using is that "they crave" thing i got off their musician's site.

that would rule.

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Wow. This mod is actually FUN! The gameplay is completely oppisite of Doom 3; you just slaughter hordes and hordes of demons. (Which is what I wanted Doom 3 to be all along.) The "plasma flamethrower" seems to work quite naturally, though they need to get a new model for the SSG.

Most of the maps, however, are fairly uninspired, both architecturally and "intellectually." On the other hand, it's Doom, you aren't supposed to be a rocket scientest, you're supposed to kill.

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