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Batch scripting help

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As I'm sure you all know, in The Doom Bible there was a choice to play as several different characters, correct? Well, as a joke, I wanted to make it so you were able to play as the developers of the mod, and I tried making it as a batch script to see if I could even do it, and I can't. Here's the batch file if anyone can tell me what's wrong:

@echo off
@echo XDooM startup v0.3
@echo Choose a Character...
@echo --------------------------------------------
@echo ////////////////////////////////////////////
@echo //                                        //
@echo // xdoom.bat /dark = Play as Darkhaven    //
@echo // xdoom.bat /djed = Play as DarkJedi     //
@echo // xdoom.bat /huey = Play as Huepow       //
@echo // xdoom.bat /nikp = Play as NickPerrin   //
@echo //                                        //
@echo ////////////////////////////////////////////
@echo Darkhaven = Slow, but hard to take down. Normal weapons accuracy.
@echo DarkJedi = About normal speed, good weapons accuracy. Good health.
@echo Huepow = Very quick on his feet. Excellent accuracy. Not much health.
@echo NickPerrin = Normal health and good speed. Amazing accuracy.
if /dark goto :darkhaven
if /djed goto :darkjedi
if /huey goto :huepow
if /nikp goto :nickperrin

zdoom -file xdoom.wad darkhaven.wad -turbo 80
goto :end

zdoom -file xdoom.wad darkjedi.wad -turbo 95
goto :end

zdoom -file xdoom.wad huepow.wad -turbo 110
goto :end

zdoom -file xdoom.wad nick.wad -turbo 90
goto :end

@echo Hope you liked playing XDoom as much as we liked making it!
@echo Well, ok, we didn't really like making it that much...

And then from there each character would have a different WAD loaded which would contain face graphics, player sprites, internal DEH patch, etc.

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Darkhaven said:

if /dark goto :darkhaven

Shouldn'd that be something like

if %1 == /dark goto :darkhaven

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