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stupid question

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I got a nvidia 6800 gt, with more than enough ram, and a pentium 4 3.3. ghz. Doom 3 of course runs fine, but sometimes there is a stutter in gameplay. And other games on my comp could run smoother. Would upping the wattage for my power supply help?

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heh, no. Try closing all un-needed applications running the windows background and see if that helps. Other than that, your specs are fine to run Doom 3 smoothly..

There are some areas in Doom3 with extreme detail that would cause a few hic ups here and there but shouldn't be that distracting.
Also, depending on the quality settings, some elements like sounds, models etc gets loaded when in view/being played so there could be a split second for that loading, causing a slight 'pause'.

Oh yeah, moving to appropriate forum

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unless you system has a low wattage supply to start with. i don't know why you would have a small watt Powersupply with those specs?

anywyas do as above, make sure you have all the updates for directX and graphics cards. Don't overclock. also check for spyware.

the only things that should be running in the background is anti-virus and firewall. stuff like AIM and media players don't need to be on.

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