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Character redesign pic

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Actually no. Not quite. Bored with doing the same as everyone else, i decided to do something different with this, eh, fanart piece, by messing it up. Let's put it this way.
Here's the original look
and he's what she looks like after the "makeover"
Lovely isn't she.

So i'll probably keep up this style from now on.

The original that i worked from in photoshop btw

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Interesting. I like the reddish scrubby marks around her in the final... couple things on her anatomy though. The left leg looks alittle funny. I know you were trying to get the knee out in perspective.. but it isn't quite there. Also, I know she is wearing a helmet, but her head is still too large. The way the eyeholes are lined up and the shape, even if you remove the helmet, it would be a bit bulbous. The size it's at now makes her seems like a young child because of the proportions - bigger head, shorter body...

In any case, you're improving all the time, and always a pleasure. Good work.

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like the style of the airbrushing, but the underlying structure of the entire thing is weak.

Spend more time on the foundations of the drawing and you'll spend less time trying to hide your errors beneath layers and layers of scratchy paintwork.

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Jacknife said:

2 words, big head. On the 3rd one that is.

It's a helmet...
Personally I think the third one looks better than the second (the one after the photoshopping)

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I quite agree with what was said about the leg. At first i wasn't too sure about what was said about the helmet, thinking it's just a large helmet, but seeing that the hair lines up to same height as the helmet in which it's clear that the helmet isn't what makes the head looks big, i agree with that as well. Another flaw i've picked up is the colours are a little too bright for my liking. The original is much easier to look at.

Anyways, cheers for the tips.

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