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John Carmack Gets a Blog

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There's good news for those interested in such things and suffering withdrawal because John Carmack hasn't done a new .plan update in over a year. John Carmack has put up a blog on his personal Armadillo Aerospace site and the very first update deals with various topics such as why id Software is not quite yet releasing the Q3A code under the GPL (in short: somebody licensed the code recently, so it would be impolite at best to put it out there already), as well as some "random graphics thoughts."

Slashdot also just found the blog, so expect it to be intermittently available for about a day.

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the title of this newspost makes me think of some bizarre children's book.

a really nerdy one.

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John Carmack and the Splendiferous Blog Journey to the Land of Bumps and Mips?

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