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Hmm. It's been a while since I created a post..

Been Playing Unreal Recently.
My opinion...It's a good game
Gameplay is hardly there.
I just got bored with some maps

For a First effort for a FPS, epic did a good job,
They did make some mistakes, However Then they made
Unreal Tournament.
Much Better, They Realised what they did wrong and Improved it Dramatically.
Also once they realised what the Unreal engine could do, they patched the original to UT standards

In case you didn't realise both games ARE the same engine.
But this eventually reaches my point..

Unreal has Awesome graphics. provided you have the Hardware.
Has anyone been unlucky to have to play Unreal with Everything Turned Off?

Doom Beats those graphics!
But when you put Unreal to MAXIMUM (Also fiddling with the Advanced options or Unreal.ini will Increase the graphics even more.

It looks SWEET ASS.

But anyway, here is my point. after coming so far.........;)

We have the Doom source ports right.
In relative terms

JDoom = the Unreal of Doom (Good Graphics, but minimal features)
Zdoom = Quake. All the snazzy new stuff (skyboxes, particles) without the Fancy graphics. (Not counting ZDoomGL)
Legacy = THe best gameplay port, with some pretty cool features, and decent graphics
Edge = The Coders best friend.....(Well prolly not, but I get that impression)

But what we need is a source port for those that can handle it, AGP textures, High res Textures, Basic Bumpmapping, Colored lighting, dynamic lighting, particles, and beam effects, 3D floors, destroyable bridges, high poly MD2 Models..............

ANd stuff like that.....now I dunno, maybe it's pointless because new games can do it, but something like this could be cool.

Because at the moment we have some cool ports but the feature list on every port is getting similar.

I dunno, just an Idea.......... maybe,
Also maybe because of the New Doom it's pointless

Although maybe those people who want Original doom in a shiny new engine, this could appeal.

It's an interesting thought really........

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Why do You Seem to randomly Capitalise the first Letters of Words? It makes for Rather strange Reading.

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Lord Baztard, that idea would be nice......NOW IF ONLY EVERY GODDAM PERSON IN THE WORLD WAS CAPABLE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!

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Can you say.....HYPOCRITE??? You say you don't wanna offend anybody, yet you are offended. I guess I have every right to say NIN doesn't suck then. (which, BTW, I happened to be listening to Sin at the time I posted this reply, heh.)

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Now first..nightfang

I think you misread that line buddy

I said with all graphics option turned OFF the graphics look TERRIBLE,
I made no mention of the Engines, the doom engine and the unreal engine are nothing near alike.

I suggest you load your copy of unreal, go to advanced options, change the display driver to software, and turn every graphic option OFF and minimize the Resolution to

I assure you. the graphics in this mode are horrific.
A screenshot from doom2.exe would look better!
well maybe not.

lUt... The resident poet? Idongeddit.
my posts don't rhyme and have no hidden meaning.
It's just text. I try and fit everything into the editing window but the final version always looks bad.
Getting the preview post option removed Doesn't help either

Crendowing...What the fuck?
Please explain what the hell you mean.
If you meant Who's talented enough to do it?
I dunno.........
I really don't expect any one here to do it.
or the doom community in general, because the talented ones are working on good projects any way.
And it's these projects I am waiting for.

Fraggle: They are not Random capitalized letters.
the words the have capital letters at the front are
used to emphasise my point.........sometimes
and I also forget to let go of the shift key occasionally,
I could't be bothered editing anymore anyway.

And Please leave the CAKE off the thread, it makes a dreadful mess........
Short skirt, long jacket is only good because it's a silly song. I have heard other cake songs tho.....
Short skirt, long jacket is a fluke.
Now forget about it.

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Does anyone else hate the restricted mouse look in Legacy and Edge? I love what those ports do, but with the mouselook where you can't look straight up or down just bothers me. They should have an option to turn the restriction off. That and the annoying backpack bug in Zdoom.

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Restricted mouselook?

I know Edge has it. It's ok, for the stuff that Edge does.
Legacy? Do you play in software or OpenGL legacy?
Because GLLegacy has full mouse look. no damned restrictions

I don't play Zdoom much, I only use it when there is an interesting map for it.
I am sorta sick of the regular levels now so
I need more maps..

You have any good ones on your'e page Elbyran?
(Don't laugh, I've never been there)

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JDoom = No 3Dcard. Pointless.

Legacy = Crashes after 3 levels, Can't save (on my puta), no music (Midi or otherwise),buggy.

Edge = SLOW, buggy as buggry, no music (midi or otherwise), no HUD.

Zdoom = Smooth, all the music, IPX play, less buggy.

my personal fav is Zdoom(if you haven't worked it out), on my puta, it runs very nicely. So nice in fact when i got it, i finished doom, doom2, and final doom over.

Now, i know my puta is a shit, but these sorce ports add features that are alredy in duke3d. but thay make doom chug along on a puta that runs duke3d and even quake silky smooth. to put it simply, they make an engein half as powerful as duke's run twice as slow(except Zdoom. Good work lads!).

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I dongeddit.

Legacy buggy?
Never. I've never had problems with legacy.
I can save, It doesn't crash and flies on my

Must be everyone else's computer.

On the JDoom thing. Very True.
Jdoom was designed for 3D cards.
That's a good thing.
We need a dedicated Hardware port

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software legacy has restricted mouselook. of course, i haven't played legacy for about 1/2 a year. and since zdoom supports mp3 wads, the others aren't worth it for me.

You have any good ones on your'e page Elbyran?
(Don't laugh, I've never been there)

I don't play wads much (pitiful considering the amount I have). I love the original levels. Wads are a good break from the norm, but most of the time I just have to go back to the original levels (thus I love PSX Doom more than the normal person). If I were to pick my faves from the site, I would pick Momento Mori and Zeratul's Stone Stratagems.

After I'm done school (a few months), I'll be starting to rip the enemy sprites from Doom 64. True, they won't look as nice on the PC, but since the sounds, music, weapons, and items are ripped, might as well finish it off. And with Zeratul's Stone Stratagems with some Doom 64 inspired enviornments, it'll maximize the enjoyment of that wad.

That reminds me, I think I might be making some more music wads soon. KMFDM and Doom 64. Still pondering that.

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