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Your top 5 non-level wads

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Basically, it's a thread for the other wads (sounds, weapons, monster, enhancements) besides level wads.

For me, it's:

5: Boss monster resource wad: Finally, a wad (although filled with some shitty bosses) that can challange my skills! Expacially Hell's battery and the hammer hound! (unrelated: the lord vile must be added to this!)

4: Grenade X: Xaser's shining beauty, and this literally took him off as a weapon mod master, still remains one of the most popular weapons mods today, and it stays close to my heart and my favorite wads folder.

3: The Monster resource wad: The varity and deepness of some of the demons still astound me today, and it even gets updated with new things to kill periodically!

2: WW-XM: While this is a fairly new wad, it literraly is a non-level TC. The weapons are superb and wonderful, the new monsters are awesome, the sounds are great (and funny) and even enhancements like items and enviroment interaction makes this a wad of the highest caliber. WW, I tip my hat to you.

1: Immoral conduct: The lord of all weapon mods. Sometimes weapon mods like this comes around rarly, but when they do, they are pure bliss, even a work of art. For me, this is corey's greatest achivement, and thus gives him the highest prestige of the weapon mod god.

Now time to tell yours!

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In terms of the amount I've used them:
1: Beavis.wad. Replaces many of the sounds. I used this by default for more than a year, and got to know the sounds better than the standard ones.
2: Mikemus.wad. Just a good music replacement for Doom2. A good mix of classical and pop.
3: mm2mus.wad. The music-only wad from MM2.
4: reqmus.wad. The music-only wad from Requiem.
5: mmmus.wad. The music-only wad from MM.

Thread title edited ("infamous" deleted).

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Simpsons Doom, I extracted the gfx from crazyed2 and put them in a separate wad and used that, music3.wad (probably from heroes), and that's about it.

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5: Doom 2.5 (Kronos)
4: Monster Resource WAD (ZDoom.org community)
3: Grenades n' Stuff (Xaser)
2: Extreme Measures (WildWeasel)
1: Immoral Conduct (Cory Whittle)

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Excluding myself (obviously):

5. Monster resource wad - I owe them so much for all the resources they've given me.
4. Destructomaniac (DarkArchon) - Featuring some pretty unique ideas for weapons (and much better handling of dual plasma pistols than my own Extreme Measures), the fun in this mod lies in just seeing what crazy weapon you'll pick up next. Plasma shotguns, burst-fire pistols, triple rocket launchers, and the EFC 24000 (which is powerful enough to clear a room of three Cybs, regardless of whether you can see them).
3. Doom 2.5 (Kronos) - now if only the weapons were finished. I wanna see that Doom 3 chainsaw and fist!
2. Warzone (Xaser) - A great weapons mod that broke new grounds in technology. This one was the first mod to use Grubber's modified DEHSUPP lump in ZDoom to modify items from Heretic, Hexen, and Strife. It's darn fun to play, too.
1. Immoral Conduct (Cory Whittle) - the perfect weapons mod. It's got just the right amount of weapons for any situation, with enough differentiation to give them all different styles, and honed to perfection in the balance department. Only downside? It's for EDGE, which means that the available maps for it are diminished (even some vanilla Doom maps won't work here). But I s'pose the EDGE team is working on that.

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Don't we all: He had a couple of WIP project he was working on but apparently RL has all but ended them: He hasn't updated his site in more than a year (Last update was 12/18/2004)


WildWeasel said:

It's for EDGE, which means that the available maps for it are diminished (even some vanilla Doom maps won't work here). But I s'pose the EDGE team is working on that.

Set compatability to BOOM and all vanilla maps will work.

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Hmm, well...

1: mmmus.wad. The music-only wad from MM.

2: hr2mus.wad. The music-only wad from HR2.
(Okay, that doesn't exist, but I did extract
the music to make one and I often use it for
wads without added or altered music.)

3: ww-fnoir.wad. Black-and-white palette wad.
(Worked great when I used my old VGA to watch
demos, as otherwise reds and blues would look
horribly dark.)

4: mm2mus.wad. The music-only wad for MM2.

5: gothictx.wad. Textures wad from gothic.wad.

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