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mergeing wads with doombuilder?

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I've recently start using Doombuilder but I can't seem to figure out how you merge to wads.
Can you merge wads using doombuilder? If yes, then how do you do it?

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Use "Same Map Into..." from the "File" menu and specify the .wad file in which you want to insert your map. Note though, that if the .wad file already has that map number, it will be overwritten. For example: If your map is MAP02 and you save it into a .wad file which has MAP01, MAP02 and MAP03, the MAP02 level in that .wad file will be replaced by yours. This function does not merge textures and resources other than the actual map, if you want to merge resources, use a WAD editor like XWE or WinTex. Deepsea has some resource merging functions as well.

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