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Using .lmp files

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Everyone else here must know how to use .lmp files. Can someone tell me?

P.S.: for mac? (if you use pc and know, then tell me how YOU do it and don't flame me. I hate my slow little iMac)

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DOS = command line parameter "-playdemo" to play one, "-record" to make one

Doom95 = In the advanced options check the "play demo" box to play them, same command line parameter above to record (i.e., -record, then press enter; you'll be taken to the Doom95 launcher, you won't get that error message saying the demo is recorded as soon as you start, it will actually record!)

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DOS: Doom/Doom2 -file filename.lmp

Maybe it didn't occur to you that not all of us have doom.exe or doom2.exe dammit!

BTW, you don't need the .lmp extension either, and "-file" is for WADs, not demos.

(edited in order to add a comment at the end)

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