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Lord Of Nothing

I broke my CD1 disc :(

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We'll heres what happend:
I went to the kitchen for some snackies and came back and sat down and CRACK! OH FATFLUMPINGBUTTOCKSOCKS!!! I sat on my CD1 and broke it.

Ah but luckerly, I borrowed a back-up copy of CD1 from a mate. But I had to use a no cd crack to get it to work with my Doom 3. This has caused upsets with playing multiplayer because I type in MY CD key but it won't have it. Does anyone know of some way to get this back-up CD1 to work on multiplayer, I have baught my DooM 3 and I have my own key. Surly that's enough to let me play online, right?

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You can try contacting activision about a replacement CD. Otherwise you'll just have to buy a new copy.

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