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Green Mancubus?

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Is there any modification/skin with a green mancubus (green instead of brown)?

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Recoloring a sprite is almost the easiest things to do in any Paint Program that supports layers and/or retouch tools, like color replacers and s/c/h modifiers and so on. The easiest (and pallette friendly way to do in PSP is-get a mancubus sprite, make a new layer above, grab paintbrush, change opacity of layer to "color" (remember to change the ammount of colors in the mancubus from 256 to full-color), grab the olive green from Doom's pallette and recolor away.

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In fact it's even easier now, use XWE's colour remapping feature.

Or plug this colour translation into ZDoom:

CreateTranslation (1, 48:79=112:127, 128:151=112:121, 
1:2=126:127, 13:15=122:125, 236:239=122:125);

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