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Doom: The Experiment -Part 1-

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He had awoken to a sight that was at first blurred and distorted. As his vision cleared, he noticed he was in a completely white room, from top to bottom. There seemed to be no windows or doors anywhere. He rose to his feet, finding a large bloodstain where he was laying. He found a gaping hole in his mid-stomach, and that he had no memory of anything. Not even from ten minutes ago. He began to panic. When he had finally calmed down (to some extent) he noticed a loaded rifle strapped to his leg. He removed it, and fired at the wall. It swirled like a worlpool, and eventually cracked open into a swirling void, then returned to normal. He walked up to the wall and touched it. To his avail, his finger slid right into it as if the wall was composed of pudding. He stepped through it, and into a raging inferno. Heat and gory sights surrownded him. The aroma of rotting flesh filled his nose, and the ash made his eyes water. He looked behind him to find a white cube, the one he just passed through. Apperantly, the inhabitants of this obvious hell seemed to have noticed as well, as a huge red floating screeching creature released a ball of raw electricity. "SHIT!" He screamed, barely avoiding it. He aimed his gun, cocked it, and pulled the trigger...

Please give me your comments and let me know if you would like the second part. Thanks!

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