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Map38 of the Doom64 TC?

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Hey guys, by any chance do you guys know what level leads you to Hectic? I remember it being map01 in the original console version, but it's not in the TC.

Also, can anyone reach map38 with the "IDCLEV" cheat? I can't and I'm thinking there's a reason for that... (smart asses, hehe).

Right on guys... Thanks for the info.

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NEVERMIND! I found it.... I'm a JACKASS!

Erik, if you read this map... Go ahead and trash this thread. I tried to delete the damn thing, but it didn't work. (Runs away shaking his head in complete idiocy)

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note: idclev only goes up to map32. I fixed it so you can't cheat your way to the hidden levels..
And yes its found in map01, but first you must get though map32 afterwards.

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