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[newproject] Evil Castle DM Project

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What we need to do is simple: I make a part of the DM map (it must be ZDaemon Compatible, so you can add ZDooM thingies to it), then anybody disposed to collaborate adds more parts to the map (more rooms, corridors, fixes the map's playability bugs...), then another one adds more until it's hell a big DM map, so someone adds a cool exit (I like corridors to the switch behind the exit door, with cool details).
The Credits Level and the music is a reserved place for me, and you will not change it.
Well, who's up?
I have a screen of the WIP:

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impClaw said:

Good, then i can use some acs atleast, you know wich acs thats working, ALSO I NEED THE WAD

AFAIK the following stuff doesn't work:

Sound sequences (causes crashes)
Colour translations
Messages on screen

There's probably more, but I haven't experimented enough yet to find them.

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