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LAN games via Zdoom

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Sorry, but what exactly does that mean? Just do it?! I've already tried setting up a LAN game, but failed.

Come on, seriously. If you don't want to help, then are there any tutorials or something?

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The server's commandline should be set up like:

C:\games\zdoom> ZDoom -file <wads> -host <number of players> -netmode 1 -extratic <extra options here>

And the client's:

C:\games\zdoom> ZDoom -file <same wads as server> -join <server's computer name>

Keep in mind that everybody should launch their game at about the same time. I think ZDoom has a 60 second delay before it boots out if not everybody is in the game.

And Myk, if you're not going to help, stay the hell out of the thread.

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