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Installation Problem

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When I first got the CDs, I put the first one in the drive. It loaded all of the files off of that one just fine. Then I inserted the second CD. It got three blue boxes complete, then I heard the motor in my computer die down like it wasn't downloading anymore. Well, it wasn't. The game appeared in the Add/Remove Programs list, so I went there to uninstall the partially downloaded game. That went just fine, but when I tried to reinstall the game, I get an InstallShield error - error 1604. Did anyone else have this problem? Any suggested solutions?


P.S. Sorry if this was already addressed. I searched the Doom 3 Technical Issues Forum, and I got six pages of posts. It would have taken forever to search through all of those.

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Sound more like a problem with your machine than with the disks, considering that it was working at first.

Try the following:
1. Clean the drive with a drive cleaner. You'd be surprised how many problems this can fix.

2. Clean the CDs too.

3. Try the discs out on a different drive or a different computer.

If it really appears that there's a problem with your copy, you can contact the retailer from whom you purchased the game, or contact activision (the former is recommended).

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