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doom III T-Shirts

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if you pre-order the doom III expansion you get a T-shirt.
Best buy has the preorder for the doom III expansion and includes a Doom III T-shirt. i am not sure what, if any, other places are also doing this.

so for $10 you get a nice doom III T.

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Is it the same T-shirt they were giving away with Doom3 Pre-orders? If so I already have one.

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Technician said:

Nothing on best buy about a pre-order. Mabey that Best buy was trying to get rid of some shirts left from Doom 3

nope these are new, for the expansion of doom III. i'll send pics as soon as i feel like it.
left over stuff like that gets devo'ed. so they wouldn't sell it on the floor. unless they got demand to do so.

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