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Some ideas

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Just a few small ideas... If it's out-of-the-ordinary or not-done-before or whatever, I'll provide all information I can.


Convert to RoTT/AA image

As the title suggests, simple thing to convert a standard image into a RoTT compatable wall/flat or an Amulets & Armor image.

RoTT flats

Standard size: 16,392 bytes
Type: 8 bit Bitmap
Image size: 128x128

RoTT walls (note: This isn't really needed at all, since "Save as Doom Flat" works just as good)

Standard size: 4,096 bytes
Type: 8 bit Bitmap
Image size: 64x64
Other info: For RoTT walls to work properly, you need to flip the image 90 degrees counterclockwise. Dunno why... :( Same thing applies to AA images...

Convert to RoTT Mask
Sorry, I don't know alot about this, except that somehow alot of garbage ends up on most of the masked wall lumps. I think these might be PCX's, but I'm not sure.

Convert to RoTT sprite
Same thing, except the garbage doesn't show up. I think these could be PCX's too, since these actually work in-game.


MAPINFO generator / editor

Maybe some kind of interface similar to wackyname's DeCorEd, except to generate MAPINFO lumps?

DeHackEd generator

Maybe some kind of simple text hack editor? e.g.:

String number input: 666 (or whatever)
Input: You got a gun!
Text 20 14
You got the shotgun!You got a gun!

It may seem somewhat vague at this point, but I'll get more stuff up about mainly the RoTT masks/guns soon.

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