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I made own sprite and tried to import it in WAD with XWE. When I start game it is not showed. Its invisible or something.. Help me to make it work please!

And if I import many own textures and flats, use them in WAD, start game and then comes error "W_CacheLumpNum: 3738317 >= numlumps"
How to fix that?

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Both of your problems are pretty vague, all I can give you is a few general tips. When you import your sprite, make sure that it's properly names. (E.g. SPOSA1 etc. to replace one frame of the shotgun guy.) If you just name it an arbitrary name, it's not going to be recognized by the engine (without some additional work, like the DEHACKED or DECORATE lump for ZDooM). Also make sure the sprite lump is between SS_START/SS_END markers.

I'm not sure what the second thing could be, perhaps upload your WAD somewhere and I (or someone else) can take a look.

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