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Hordes of Chaos 5 + megawad

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It's been 2 months since HOC 4, and HOC 5 is done. I've put it in a megawad with all the other HOC maps, called Hordes of Chaos X. You can grab it here : http://rydia.net/udder/!crap/hocX.zip
It will only run with zDoom 2.0.63a or higher. Due to a bug, the endpics won't work in 2.0.63a. Also, the icky yucky timers nobody liked are gone. :P

I started working on the first HOC in late June '04. It's been a long trip, but I think I'm finally done, with the release of this megawad. If I make any more maps they will be seperate from the HOC series.

I'm thinking of doing more DOOM maps, this time with a tech theme, a theme I've never really tried to do. I'll add some different enemies to make it interesting, of course :X

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Mivalekan said:

I don't have Heretic, so I don't know, but is Hordes of Chaos the Hell Revealed of Heretic? :/

Hell Revealed is still alot harder. But it does have alot of monsters per map.

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