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[D3HoE]Makaveli said:

Real Simple Syncronization, it allows a program to get a simple newsfeed from a site.

I think a system of "last updated sites" would be better. Like if Eternity updates and so does Skulltag, a little box displays that those hosted sites were recently updated. As to not crowd the box, updates from the same site replace the older update.

Under display options or something.

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There. I might do a bit more tweaking to the actual script, but it works.

Either point your favorite RSS reader to that URL, or if you use FireFox open up the main page and use the little live bookmark icon that pops up on the bottom right of the status bar.

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YES! Every website should have one of these. Gives me yet another reason to have Firefox. It's really cool that this has been done. Thanks, Bloodshedder.

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