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Idea for a new weapon

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I've been thinking up new demons and weapons for some time, so here's one I'd like to share with you. It's a new BFG, one that's even more deadly, but this time you have to be careful yourself!

I borrowed the name 10K, so consider it a working title.


Damage: 100-800 + 160 x 49-87
Ammo type: Cells
Ammo usage: 180 cells per shot
Rate of fire: Very slow
Weapon type: Projectile
Rarity: Very rare
Class A weapon

The next-generation of the Big Fuckin’ Gun, this weapon is the absolute ultimate in terms of mass extinction. The 10K is so extremely powerful it can wipe out entire hordes of demons with a single shot. Powered up with well over 100 traces, the 10K can deliver up to 20.000 points of damage!
It is very important that the user of the BFG 10K fully understands that the blast-field no longer extends from the gun itself. Instead, it is generated from the explosion of the ball, and extends for the full 360°, rather than just 90°. This means that this weapon can NEVER be used in close combat, for the traces will not extend away from you, but at everything around the explosion. Since the maximum range of the traces is 1024 units, you must keep at least that distance from the explosion to remain safe. Be on your guard for enemies that might get hit unexpectedly, creating the explosion at a shorter distance than planned. Generally, you should use the same safety precautions as with the rocket launchers, but at a much greater scale.
This weapon can be very well used for the hardest of battles. Since there a four times more traces than the 9000 and the blast-radius is also four times wider, the traces are distributed in the same concentration. When you’ve located a substantial group of demons, you can exterminate them all with the 10K. However, finding a situation where there’s enough distance between you and a group of demons is very hard. As such, the 10K is best used whenever the opportunity presents itself, but don’t rely on it.

So, what do you think, is it cool? I don't know if it's possible to actually create this weapon, but that's something I'd like to leave to people who understand programming.

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TheDarkArchon said:

It's almost possible: The only problem I can see is having the ball emit tracers.

Nope, thats certainly possible, and quite deadly I might add. I've tried it before :)

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I'd like a homing missle launcher like a revenants, unless that hasn't already been made.

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Mancubus II said:

The BFG10k is a gun in skulltag, and works similar to how you described.

Skulltag's BFG10k has a very fast rate of fire, similar to the one from Quake 3. You seem to be describing Quake 2's BFG10k.

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Jacknife said:

I'd like a homing missle launcher like a revenants, unless that hasn't already been made.

It has. My TC (just not currently available for download I'm afraid)

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Cool, I looked at some of the screenshots from your site. Are you going to change the rocket sprites before you release it?

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