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Da Snoop

How to activate and disable ambient sounds?

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I would like to know how to activate and disable the ambient sounds during gameplay. For example: the player will enter a level with emergency alarm sound and when he activates the terminal, the sound will be terminated. And if it's possible to re-activate it again by pressing on the same terminal (somehow via ACS script?). The Team TNT has this effect in it's Doom 2000 (in the "reactor" level). Something f***s up and the alarm starts screaming. When the thread is solved and the player returns to the level, there is no alarm sound. It is the trick with door/platform sequences or what? I hope there is a way how to do this.
Thank you for replies :)

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This has been mentioned on the zdoom forums. It was suggested that it might be possible to make ambient sound things activatable and deactivatable using the ACS Thing_Activate and Thing_Deactivate commands. Unfortunately, at present, ambient sound things will always make a sound, whether set as dormant or not. I think you can remove, or destroy them though, using the appropriate ACS commands.

You can play ambient sounds using scripts, however. The ambientsound command will play a sound that can be heard by all players, and the thingsound command will play a sound at a map spot with the tid identified in the script.


ambientsound ("soundname", 127);
thingsound(tid, "soundname", 127);

The 127 is the volume. Other values have been reported as having problems, but I haven't got much experience with that.

If you want a sound to repeat, you could creat a looping script using the restart command.

If you want the looping script to stop, you can use a linedef to stop the script or the ACS_Suspend or ACS_Terminate commands in a script.

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Well, i've got an idea... you could place a AMBIENT sound making thing under a independent sector. After the player crossed a certain line-def..You can make the ceiling fall down and crush the Ambient sound thingy.... just an idea.

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just write this

Thing_Activate (tag of the ambiant sound);


Thing_DeActivate (tag of the ambiant sound);

This 2 command work fine with ZDoom 1.23 Beta 25

I used it in some of my ZD3K maps

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Cool, I didn't think Randy had implemented that yet. Thanks.

(BTW, I am pretty sure ambient sound things cannot be crushed by a crushing ceiling.)

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