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Under Neith - beta testers wanted

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OK, so after over a year in production I'm getting near wrapping up preliminary mapping. To people who never played its predecessor, the map is for doom.exe and incorporates textures from nick baker's 5th episode texture set. Some dated shots of the project can be found here.
Although the map is vanilla, I haven't tested in vanilla in many months. Eternity doesn't pick up any VPOs in the map, but its detection seems to underestimate. Also I know there're some issues with sidedef overflow, though I'm not sure how bad.

Anyway, I'm looking for beta testers, preferably (although not necessarily) people who can test the map in vanilla and those with an acute sense of balanced gameplay. I doubt after this time there're any technical errors left, except maybe involving different skill levels. So mainly I need people who can, in order of priority:

a) tell me where (or if) overflow occurs in vanilla
b) give me feedback on gameplay
c) point out weak spots and suggest changes

The map probably won't be ready for testing for a couple days but I'll just sign people up until I think I have enough. Just make sure to include your email address, which is where I'll send it to and expect feedback from.

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