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Mancubus II

Last Man Cooping

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The Last Man Standing crew has released a video (encoded with XviD) showing off their new coop gameplay mode. Rather than trying to explain what's going on, here's some info from Calimer:

As a note this was recorded near the beginning of January so we have already improved gameplay well beyond this. By the way these movies were shot fromAO's perspective, but if you are curious as to which one is me you can tell because I'm the one running around like a maniac. I'm also the one who AO doeshis "lol" at and also I'm the one holding off the imps at the end.

So there you have it, check out the video and while you're at it check out an early test of the mod as well.

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Well, I tried to edit my post but it fucked out completely for some reason. I had to switch off my browser and load it up again; even then I can't edit my post, so I'll say what I wanted to say here instead (in short form):

Great initiative, looks very promising, even though this is still at an early stage. Well done! Why wasn't co/op implemented to begin with? Co/op is always neglected and forgotten...

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Why on earth was the censored version of Guerilla Radio used? They should have censored the violence; my virgin eyes couldn't handle it.

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Shaikoten said:

LMS makes me regret buying D3 less :)

LMS makes me love Doom 3 even more ^_^

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Even on DSL this download is going to take awhile. I'll be really happy to see the finished version of this mod. I loved the old Co-Op.

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