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I play doom3 at high quality resolution 1024. This is the settings the scanner recommends in the systems options menu. Of course everything looks nice and runs smoothly, until today. I fired up doom3 and the quality isn't there anymore. The weapons look dull, some textures are blurry, even hiccups sometimes during gameplay. I go to the setting menu and it's still set to my original settings,except now when I click on the scanner, it goes to low quality resolution 640. I had no other programs running, and no changes have been made to my computer. By the way the specs are p4 3.3 ghz, nvidia 6800 gt, 800 someodd ram. WTF!!!

P.S. by the way, in the advanced options menu, what the hell is antialiasing? everything in the advanced ops menu is on except this and vertical sync.

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Antialiasing helps smooth the edges of objects to reduce jaggedness.

Well, it's pretty hard to say what happened. Doom3 doesnt typically decided to just start running poorly for no reason. Does thiss happen in other games now as well? Have you tried reinstalling the latest drivers to see if some sort of corruption occured? Also try running a spyware test to ensure that some other program isnt causing interference without your knowledge.

Dont forget to take a look at your video settings in windows to see if some really graphics intensive settings have been enabled (temporal anti-aliasing for example).

It could perhaps also be a hardware issue. I know this is pretty far-fethced, but I dont suppose you have another 6800gt laying around to test with :P. Do you have another computer or a friend's computer that you can swap video cards with to see if maube the card is damaged?

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