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The Ultimate DooMer

Heretic/Hexen texture issues

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When you try to add new textures to a Heretic/Hexen wad, it creates a DooM pnames/texture1 lump instead. If you import the default Heretic/Hexen lumps, all the textures come up blank (ie. no patches).

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XWE has a setting for the "Main WAD". When you first ran it, you selected the Doom2.WAD, that's why the pnames/texture1 lump is copied from that file.

Open up your XWE.INI from the XWE folder, and delete the MainWAD line (bottom of the file, in the TOOLS section). XWE will ask you next time you open it, just point it to the Hexen/Heretic WAD you want to use. (You can also just fix the path in the ini file if you like.)

There should probably be something from the UI to do this though.

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