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Can you find the family 18 karat family jewels?

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Maybe you can, maybe you can't. Author Michael Stadther, who wrote the children's story "A Treasure's Trove", actually planted 12 tokens around the US which are redeemable for jewels. All of these tokens may be found using only the clues found in his book. The sum total of all the hidden baubles is about 1 million dollars; no one has found any yet. More on this story here.

Edit: Oh, yeah. Timeline.

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Job said:

Can you find the 18 karat family jewels?

Certainly, they're in my pants

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Can you find the fish?

Man, I read this news story about a year ago then they had the gy on TV the next day on the Today show or something showing off the jewelry. They're pretty awesome cause they're all shaped like insects.

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