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Deathmatch Project underway...

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I am working on a 7 level deathmatch wad called Hemdale! There is kind of a city theme behind the levels, but some levels have parts which stray from this. I have 2 levels complete and some screens if you want to see what I have so far!
If any one wants to help out and make a level or see the screens drop me a line!
Keep doom alive!!!

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Posting the screenshots here if you dont have a webspace is so much more beneficial for you and your project...! :)

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I have my screens all in a zip file ready to send to whom ever wants them. I looked into wadsinprogress but my present screen shots are 800*600 and they require 640*480, so instead of resizing them, it will be easier to e-mail them to peeps. Thanks any ways for the helpful tips! :)

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