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Zdoom .96 on Linux.

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I have tried for weeks and weeks to get the Zdoom .93 source to compile on Linux and I have not succeeded yet at all.

I have installed the latest autoconf and ran through the configure script, but the make command fails with an error and I have no Idea where the problem is.

I have downloaded and compiled xscreesaver-4.18 and Eterm and Xmms-1.210 with no problems at all. So why is it so difficult to get this to work. I hope Randy will get around to checking his code before releasing it. Even lxdoom was simple to unpack and compile.

If anyone has managed to get this to work, could they please help me? I really want to get this working. If I can get the code in a usable state I could package it up in an RPM for other people to use.


Oh, and Randy if you want to change the Metacity theme, go here for help.


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