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Simple questions.

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Greetings everyone,

I have been tirelessly working on a semi-TC for the ultimate doom called 'Fatal Disaster" its on WIP if anyone cares to look at it.

Anyways, i have 2 major questions for the community,

1. How do you make a doomsday .pk3?
2. How may i upload it to the idgames archive.

Now the release as of now is a one map demo...unless i decided to hold back till i have a few maps done (which i might do). But the knowladge is always good to have. Thanks in advance everyone.

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Hi Dark_shawdow, im apocsoft on wip...

Anyway i think its the same as making a pak for quake, theys a couple of programs (check planet quake) also there is some word of putting it in a zip and renaming it to a .pk3,

With uploading im in the same boat as you, coz idgames don't accepted demos ( i was going to try uploading a beta instead of a demo) anyhow you mod kicks ass so if i find anywhere better (and free) than freewebs i'll let you know.

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The archive's rules regarding demos mainly apply to single levels - e.g. someone creates a half finished map and uploads it as a "demo".

There's normally no problem with uploading a wad which has a bunch of finished levels, with the intention of later uploading a "complete" version with more levels, etc.

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