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Question about texture sets for Doom 1/2

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Hi guys,

It's my first post here, so if I'm repeating something asked before somehow, that's my apology in advance.

I was wondering if there was texture replacement set or a full-on mod for Doom 1 or 2 levels, using the Doom 64 texture set or a version of the Doom 3 texture set. Any insight (or hopefully, links) would be appreciated.

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Actually there's a full fledged DooM 64 TC for JDooM. Search Google for it, I'm too lazy for the link.

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i have the D3 texture set...though it is for my project...but i know a certain someone who is making a set specifically for doom1 and doom2 that is using the doom pallette....;) As for the D64 stuff go to doomsdayhq.com and get the D64 TC.

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